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Start each weekday morning off with MJ and the FM 98.9 Real Country crew's contests such as Name That Tune, Opry Trivia, Who Is It, the Birthday Club and more.

Information about the radio

Mark Phillips does the afternoon show 11am until 3pm,
Then it's Preston Martinez on the drive home with Drive Time Trivia, Buy it or burn it, and more.
Live stock market reports, traffic reports, news, weather and sports weekday mornings and afternoons. Trapper John is on 6pm until 12am and Ray Mariner 12am until 6am
Each weekday morning is also highlighted by Coleman & Company. This show features local talk show host Coleman Walker and a wide variety of guests discussing topics that affect the country, the state, and the local community.
Specialty programs can also be heard such as Tim Hitt on Saturday mornings, Fantastic Fred with a mix of Motown and Blues on Saturday nights, God's Country featuring gospel music on Sunday mornings, and The Danny Frank Show on Sunday nights with Top 40 hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
WANT FM 98.9 and WCOR AM 1490 carry a wide variety of sports programming including Lebanon High School Footballl and the High School Football Scoreboard Show, Cumberland University Football, Basketball and Baseball, and Tennessee Titans NFL Football. WANT covers 14 counties in the Middle Tennessee area. Member of the Country Music Assoc.


Email: info@wantfm.com
Telefon: +615.444.9899; 1.800.962.5590
Adres: P.O. BOX 399 • LEBANON, TN 37088
Strona: www.wantfm.com
Facebook: @realcountry989

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Rob Runge, 1 rok temu
Our favorite radio station! The personalities and programing are all top-notch. The song mix is great, and the local Lebanon focus is refreshing. Thank you WANT FM!