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Sonatica™ classical radio brings you hundreds of hours of the best classical music. Listen Online for free and discover inspiring classical masterpieces from the greatest composers.

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Sonatica Classical Radio Online, 1 місяць тому
If you're enjoying Sonatica, please consider a donation to help us keep the music playing: Thank you!
Mike Raeburn Obl. S.B., 1 рік тому
An absolutely brilliant online classical radio station. Not only are usually most pieces played in full, but the sound quality is superb. The enjoyment is further enhanced by there being no interruptions for adverts (or the news). Long may Sonatica...
tristan barnaby, 1 рік тому
really great! I usually listen to classic fm, but have become a little tired of the same old playlists. So far up to 95% of the music i have heard on sonatica I have NEVER heard before! Fab! no news, no blurb, no adverts. Great, and the sound quality...
Jasmine Huxtable, 1 рік тому
Lovely to hear music without ad breaks or talking. However how does one find out what orchestra/soloist was featured in the chosen recording when the playlist only shows the name of the composer and piece? Listeners may well wish to purchase the part...