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Telephone: +115-3 075-602-0845
Address: 〒612-8087 京都市伏見区京町大黒町
Facebook: @people/Utao-Kyo/100009491288666

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Genres: news talk

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Игорь Катаев, 3 weeks ago
Добрый день! Можно поставить песню САЯНАРА? Прощай
יוליה דרניק, 1 month ago
תודה רבה על המוזיקה ועל השירים .
Richard Lam, 1 month ago
Excellent japanese songs day and night ! Enjoy ever songs , relax songs and good music , i have told my friends about your station .
Mopailo Thatelo, 1 month ago
I loved this enka music line up. It makes one to miss Kumamoto-shi. South Africa 🇿🇦 🇿🇦
magestic gamer, 1 month ago
جووووووون. جیگلتو بوخولمممم
Piotr Bryś, 1 month ago
super radio :)
Gabriel Moreira, 1 month ago
Músicas lindas
Luis Cavi, 1 month ago
hello there! i'm from Mexico City and I would like to know the name of the songs that you were playing.
Carlos Nuñez Diaz, 1 month ago
Soy Carlos Nuñez, de Paso de los Toros, Uruguay. Me encantan sus programas. Felicitaciones!!!!
Alain Ang, 1 month ago
I am sad that Kyoto FM845 no longer àvailable in Malaysia. Why this is happening?. Why is it so difficult to get to listen and enjoy Enka online? Please bring back the Live broadcast to Malaysia again.