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Telephone: +0422-23-0782
Address: 〒180-0004 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1
Twitter: @musashinoFM782

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Genres: news talk jazz

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Julia Cantalice, 2 months ago
Best radio station ever! Just good music and fresh news. ありがとございます!
Akio Asakura, 2 months ago
張容瑄, 2 months ago
I've just come across this amazing station! It plays some mellow, all-time classic tunes with top quality and the news is reported in a reassuring way. A great station to listen to when working!!
Observer 2.901991α_Kurisutina, 2 months ago
Beautiful radio station. All the Jazz tunes played are top notch and always create a fantastic atmosphere.
Flower Heart, 2 months ago
I’m listening form Dubai!!! 💖🎌 I miss Japan, I miss T❤️Kyo
Santosh Sapkota, 2 months ago
i 've been 2 yrs on musashino .It's really beautiful place . Now I'm at my home town kathmandu .Even though I listen this fm from my pc .the sound of fm is quite good .Still I'm feeling I'm at kichijoji school ,mitaka ,and kawaguchi staion .Live lon...
Michael Blower, 2 months ago
listening on my pc in london haven't been in japan for a few years now probably 5 miss it a lot this radio station reminds me of the good times