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Radio Hauraki is an alternative radio station based in New Zealand. The original pirate radio station born on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf in 1966.

Radio Hauraki is a New Zealand rock music station that started in 1966. It was the first private commercial radio station of the modern broadcasting era in New Zealand and operated illegally until 1970 to break the monopoly held by the state-owned New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation. From its founding until 2012 Hauraki played a mix of classic and mainstream rock music. In 2013, it changed its music content, playing modern rock and alternative music from the last 25-30 years. In its modern legal form, Radio Hauraki's head office and main studios are now located on the corner of Cook and Nelson Streets in the Auckland CBD, as one of eight stations of NZME Radio.

  • 6-10am Matt Heath & Jeremy Wells
  • 10-2pm Angie Boyd
  • 2-4pm Greg Prebble
  • 4-7pm Bhuja with Leigh Hart & Jason Hoyte
  • 7pm - Midnight Matt Ward


Telephone: +0800 428 7254 & Text 3483
Address: 2 Graham Street Private Bag 92198 Auckland New Zealand
Instagram: @radiohaurakinz
Facebook: @RadioHauraki
Twitter: @RadioHaurakiNZ

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peter cooper, 2 months ago
Always great mix of 80's to new guitar rock. Some well odd DJ's too.
Eumar José Olivares Delgado, 2 months ago
Muito Boa
Richard Sandys, 3 months ago
I listen to Radio Hauraki for the last 30 years. The best mix of Old & New like Red Hot Chili right now, Cool!
Michael Ramsden, 2 months ago
A great App with great music play
Gio Smith, 2 months ago
Best station :)