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The Sound

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

The Sound is a New Zealand radio station playing the Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

From The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac to Queen, The Eagles to David Bowie and U2 – the playlist gives you more of what you want: Less talk and more of the best music of a generation, with all the news and information you need to get through your day.


Telephone: +0800 843 768
Address: P.O Box 47 560 Ponsonby Auckland
Facebook: @TheSoundFM
Twitter: @TheSoundNZ

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Genres: rock

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Karuna Nelson, 2 months ago
Brilliant station. Would be lost without you guys and those behind the scenes. Only found out about you because of my music groups teacher especially when Radio Haraki went west and not in a good way. Lesson and well known adage:" if it ain't broke...
Patricia Clark, 2 months ago
I love this radio station. I listen to it in Namibia. We do not have such a fabulous radio station that focuses on the rock legends, with so much variety, and does not have loads of adverts and talking. When I am in NZ it's also the only station I...
Artie Jessup, 2 months ago
Listening from Hungary, all day. My favourite station.
Shane Mears, 3 months ago
good station way better than hauraki. haurauki used to be good now there gone into the new age music.
Adam Manihera, 2 months ago
Love The Sound got better music than today music
Josephine Meuli, 2 months ago
loving the A2Z team - it helps me forget about pandemic state in NZ :(
Monique Koorn, 2 months ago
Listening from Amsterdam.Much better then stations here!! Congratiolations on 9 years! Hurray from Wild Moa Pies
Zdravko Milkovic, 3 months ago
Living in Serbia since September last year and still listening MY ONLY radio station.
Capt J.P., 2 months ago
The Best....I should know......Jack. ENJOY
Tapatiu Matiu, 2 months ago
Great sounds injoying much