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The Rock - cranking out all your favourite rock hits new and old. Tune in for wicked music, info on gigs, rock news and bloody good fun.


Address: The Rock Network PO Box 47-560 Ponsonby Auckland 0800
Facebook: @TheRockFM

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Genres: rock

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Clint Cousins, 2 months ago
just like it
Varaloba One, 3 months ago
Nice station, good music, greetings from Finland.
Leslie Finch, 2 months ago
Listening in from the UK ,Good choice in Rock vibes today .All the best Wishes.
Joshua Stevens, 3 months ago
Love this LIT station, but where's the No Repeat Workday's gonnnner
Bobby Crumby, 2 months ago
Great music. Keep rockin. 🇺🇸