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Real Rock Radio, 104.9, the X. That is what we say today, You may call it 104.9, The X, WXRX, The Rock Station... we don't care just as long as you know The X and Rock. The station signed on in 1990 as a Rock Station and has remained that way since. 26 years of being the Statelines choice for ROCK music

104.9 The X video:

Contatti della stazione radio

Email: contact@wxrx.com
Telefono: (815) 874-2104
Indirizzo: 2830 Sandy Hollow Road Rockford IL 61108
Sito web: www.wxrx.com
Instagram: @TheXRockford
Facebook: @TheXRockford
Twitter: @TheXRockford
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmttAtlYkvSh5gvBT6TbIA

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Jodi Vaughan, 1 anno fa
Awesome station, awesome songs!!!!!
Edith DuFoe, 1 anno fa
You play some good rock music however You fail to go old school. You play mainstream and are afraid to branch out or piss off your listeners!!!!!